Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Repping your sports team without looking dumb.

If we're created in the image of God, do you want to wear some Steelers jersey?” - Glenn O'Brien

This time of year is especially bad for males and their fashion choices, especially here in Canada. It’s hockey playoffs, and two things happen. Men who can’t, choose to grow beards, and those same men decide it’s ok to wear hockey jerseys in public.

I’m here to tell them, it’s not ok. But let’s see if we can figure something else out instead.

I’m not a big hockey fan, but I’m a huge baseball fan, and I love showing that off. I own several Red Sox hats, and tshirts. But the thing with any of these items is when you wear them, how tasteful they are and what you wear them with.

My favourite way to represent the Red Sox Nation at work is on casual days. A nice pair of Levi’s jeans, a suit coat/blazer and a classic Red Sox tshirt show that I’m a member of the Nation, but still want to look while I show it.

Most professional sports teams have classic shirts like this, either with just a name, or a small logo on the front. Most come with a players name on the back, but some don`t. I have 4 or 5 shirts like this, some with names, and one blank. They all fit a bit differently, so while they all look the same, they`re technically different shirts. 

So, the easiest why to make this look work for you is by first finding a classic shirt of your favourite sports team. I`m fortunate in that I`ve been able to find most of my Sawks shirts at local thrift stores. Keep your eyes open for that. Otherwise, hop online to your favourite sports teams website and see what they have to offer there. 

After you`ve done that, pair the shirt with a suit jacket. Then get a pair of jeans on your legs. Last but definitely not least, grab a pair of canvas sneakers to top it off. Then you can look like me. 

Serious Joe is Serious.