Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrift Store Finds 06.21.11

Kids and I hit up the thrift stores again on the weekend and came out with a few more finds.

Red Sox Pullover, Brooks Brothers Pants, Red Suspenders. 

Red Suspenders, $3.99. 

Close up of the Brooks Brothers Pants. $3.95. 

Red Sox Pullover. $4.95. 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrift Store Finds 06.16.11

The kids and I hit up some local thrift stores this morning and here's what I came across. It wasn't a big haul, but it was a good haul.

If you didn't know, I'm a huge baseball fan, and I got it in my head that I'm going to collect a ball cap for every Major League Baseball team. This is the Washington Nationals. $2.20

This is a super skinny tie from H&M. $1.07

Kinda skinny tie. The tag says Logistik Unicorp which means nothing to me. $1.99

Told you not to wear a jersey

To follow up on my post regarding not looking like a douchebag when repping your sports team, which you can read here, I invite you to look through pictures of the idiotic riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final last night and see how many of them are wearing jerseys. Y'think this would've happened if they were wearing blazers?

Read about the morons here

Told you not to wear a jersey

To follow up on my post regarding not looking like a douchebag when repping your sports team, which you can read here, I invite you to look through pictures of the idiotic riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final last night.

Read about the morons here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's outfit 06-15-11

Today's outfit is kinda brought to you by this post earlier today. As it turns out, all of my white v-neck tshirts are kinda see through, and when you're as hairy as I am, that's not a good thing. So I tried it with a blue polo and a jacket, but I wasn't feeling it. Then I busted out a cardigan sweater, and now we're rockin'. Or at least I think we're rockin'. Let me know what you think.

Full length shot. My bed got all up in my business. But it's definitely made, so that's good. 

My brown Aldo shoes. If you don't have a pair of good brown shoes, you need one. If you don't know, now you know. Suckaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

Unbutton some buttons, dude. You're too stuffy. On a suit coat, you keep the bottom button unbuttoned. On a cardigan, undo the bottom button, and the top one just for good measure. It's supposed to keep you warm, not hostage. 

Cardigan by Old Navy, Polo by Country Cottons (thrift store purchase), White t-shirt by Hanes, Pants by Joe Fresh, Belt by Dockers, Shoes by Aldo, and Socks by Smart Set

Now This I Can Pull Off!

This one is brought to us by Les freres JO, a French fashion blog. The guys posted this one up a few days back. They call this look fraicheur printaniere, which loosely translated means Spring Freshness. I like it.

Check it out here!

Red Jeans from H&M

I saw these red jeans the other day when wife and I were out and about. I thought maybe I'd dig them cause they looked pretty rad on the mannequin, but now that I see them on somebody, I really don't think I could pull these off.

Check it out here

I wanna dress like this; 06.15.11

Oh God how I wish I could pull this look off. I know I'm not black, I'm not toned, I don't have dreads, and I'm hairy from my head down to my big toe, but man I wish I could pull this off.

Read/view the original article here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Found on Etsy

If you`re a guy, and you don`t think you need these, or something similar, you are wrong.

Custom Stamped Latitude and Longitude Collar Stays

Found on Etsy

I dunno if this bag is for dudes or not, but I love it;


And this billfold is awesome. I used to have one similar, but not handmade, and it had a little wallet chain on it.


Not many finds today, but check these out.

Repping your sports team without looking dumb.

If we're created in the image of God, do you want to wear some Steelers jersey?” - Glenn O'Brien

This time of year is especially bad for males and their fashion choices, especially here in Canada. It’s hockey playoffs, and two things happen. Men who can’t, choose to grow beards, and those same men decide it’s ok to wear hockey jerseys in public.

I’m here to tell them, it’s not ok. But let’s see if we can figure something else out instead.

I’m not a big hockey fan, but I’m a huge baseball fan, and I love showing that off. I own several Red Sox hats, and tshirts. But the thing with any of these items is when you wear them, how tasteful they are and what you wear them with.

My favourite way to represent the Red Sox Nation at work is on casual days. A nice pair of Levi’s jeans, a suit coat/blazer and a classic Red Sox tshirt show that I’m a member of the Nation, but still want to look while I show it.

Most professional sports teams have classic shirts like this, either with just a name, or a small logo on the front. Most come with a players name on the back, but some don`t. I have 4 or 5 shirts like this, some with names, and one blank. They all fit a bit differently, so while they all look the same, they`re technically different shirts. 

So, the easiest why to make this look work for you is by first finding a classic shirt of your favourite sports team. I`m fortunate in that I`ve been able to find most of my Sawks shirts at local thrift stores. Keep your eyes open for that. Otherwise, hop online to your favourite sports teams website and see what they have to offer there. 

After you`ve done that, pair the shirt with a suit jacket. Then get a pair of jeans on your legs. Last but definitely not least, grab a pair of canvas sneakers to top it off. Then you can look like me. 

Serious Joe is Serious. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's outfit 06-09-11

Shirt from H&M, Pants from Joe Fresh, Belt by Dockers, Tie by McCarthy courtesy of Salvation Army. You can't make it out in the pic, but I'm using a bobby pin as a tie clip. BAM! 

ps: Don't make fun of my double chin. 

purple pants

It's a bit hard to tell because of the lighting in my bathroom, but there's my purple pants. Haters, stop hatin'. 

DIY - Making Fat Ties Skinny

I've been thinking about trying this for a while, and the other day I just did it. Then I messed it up, so I googled it, and got some great tips from this site; http://www.designmom.com/2010/08/diy-skinny-ties/. Then I tried again. Because I'm somebody with really no sewing skills other than fixing buttons or broken seams, I cheat a bit but I think it's ok.

So, read on brave reader, read on.
These are three ties. The one on the left is my skinniest tie. The one in the middle is my favourite tie, and the one on the right is the one I'll be working with. 

So, the first thing is up, is flip the tie over and take these bad boys off. 


Free and clear. And under control. 

Now that those things are out of the way, rip the seam all the way up until you hit the skinny part of the tie. Every tie has got one. I used a pair of scissors, but you can find seam rippers at Wal-Mart, or even Value Village. 

Now, that white thing that's inside is what gives the tie it's shape. So, here you'll untuck it from it's flap. 

Now that it's untucked, I laid my favourite tie on top so I would have an idea of how much to remove. I think it was about a half an inch on each side. I'm probably wrong, though. 

I went up both sides with a sharpie marker and made dots so I could pretend I was playing connect the dots while I fixed this tie. 

Cut one side off. 

Cut the other side off. Now, if you're a Speedy Gonzales, slow down. If this thing is misshapen, so is your tie. Gear down, big rig. 

Once you've got your cutting done, stick it back in there. (That's what she said.) 

Fold over the side that used to be under and iron it into place. 

Fold over the other side and iron IT into place. 

Unfold it one more time to get it together. 

My secret weapon. I can't sew well, so this makes it easier. 

Lay that Stitch Witchery down where your sides are going to meet. 

Fold it back over. 

Cover it with a wet towel. 


After all is said and done, you've got a tie that's skinny with minimal work. Down the road I may look into learning to sew it up proper, but for now this does the trick! 

Well, here goes nothing.

I’ve always liked fashion. I’ve never really been in style, but I have no shame in saying that I’m obsessed with how I look and how I dress.

Over the years I’ve had friends of mine ask me where I buy my clothes, or how I choose what to wear. The short answer is; my wife. The long answer is; read this blog.

With this blog I’m hoping to teach men everywhere how to marry their love of sports, NASCAR and boobs with a newfound love of looking good, and feeling like you look good.

I’ll show you pictures of things I think look good, and I’ll show you pictures of what I’m wearing because I’m vain. If I learn how to do something, I’ll teach you how with blurry pictures and poorly written instructions.

So, read on brave man. Throw down your poorly fitting jeans, and your ugly tshirts. Let’s look good. Together.